You have to be spacewise if you design a Tiny House. Therefore it was a logical step to look into the movement of Tiny Houses and offer our services.

We see Tiny House Designs in three categories:

  1. The "hard core" tiny house, which is normally built on a trailer and can be moved around by a normal car. The limits of a this category are: the weight (.... but the lighter the better), the shape (length....x width ...x.... height).

  2. A mobile home that would fit on a trailer after disassembly

  3. A small home that is built with the intention to stay where it is

These choices are depending on your budget and how often you would want to move. The biggest constrain for a 'trailer-home' is the 2.4M in width, but the mobiltiy factor makes it a popular option.

We can assist you in:

  • Designing and creating construction drawings

  • Selecting materials

  • Making your home self sufficient and as light as possible

  • Protecting your home from cyclones

Tiny House Design